So You Want A Backpacking Tent

So you want a backpacking tent…You have been to a hike, or a day-long backpacking trip, but you have never stayed overnight, and now you think it is time to make the leap. You want a shelter, you want something to sleep in when you spend the night under the stars.

The answer to your question is pretty easy, you need to get a backpacking tent. A backpacking tent will be easy to carry with you, set up and it will be easy to take down.

A dutch army tent. Source; Wikipedia

A dutch army tent. Source:Wikipedia

The best backpacking tents have a few features that make them great for their intended purpose. I am going to introduce you to those features, and I am going to tell why these features are so important.

First of all the best backpacking tents all need to be waterproof. There is no way to tell how the weather is going to be the next minute, so it is best to get ready for all scenarios. The way to do so is to make sure that the tent remains dry in even the worse weather conditions.The best backpacking tents can stay strong and dry in even the fiercest of storms.

The way a tent remains waterproof is that it has waterproof walls, a waterproof floor and it has sealed seams. The waterproof walls can be single or double layered, one is the inner wall, the other is the outer wall. The outer wall makes sure that the tent remains waterproof, while the inner wall provides protection against condensation, and it is the wall which has the windows on it. The windows let the air move between the inside of the tent and the outside of the tent, and it allows the camper inside the tent to look out of his shelter and observe the outside world.

The best backpacking tents also need to have D-shaped doors. I like these because they are easy to close with a zipper, and they are big enough so that the backpacker who uses the tent can get in and out of it.

The best backpacking tents are also light. This is a must because the backpacker has to carry all the weight of the tent, so it can not weight a lot. The way this is achieved is that the tent has to be made of lightweight materials. This means that the poles are made of fiberglass most often, and the tent comes with lightweight, narrow aluminium stakes.


A backpacking tent is worth investing in if you want to have a shelter for backpacking trips that take up multiple days. There are a host of features that the best backpacking tents all need to have. I hope that the article gave you all the knowledge you need about what  makes a great backpacking tent.


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